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catalytic converters

Catalytic Converter Processing

Catalytic Converters can be purchased based on customers preference either by the piece or refining bases. We can buy each catalytic by the piece referring to codes and tested values. Payments are immediate for converters sold by the piece. Refining terms and conditions can be provided to suppliers collecting over 900+ units per lot*. Converters will be checked in prior to refining to attain estimated value. Pickup or delivery can be arranged

O2 sensors

O2 Sensors Processing

O2 Sensor processing recovers mostly Platinum. We offer competitive prices for O2 sensors regardless of volume. Prices for oxygen sensors are paid by the pound. All wires must be cut close to the sensor. Payments are immediate once load is inspected and weighed. Pickup or delivery can be arranged.

catalytic foils

Catalytic Foils Processing 

Foil catalytic converters are processed differently from ceramic catalytic converters. We offer our pricing in one of two ways: by the pound or on refining terms. Foils must be cut closely to the to catalytic. Manifolds and additional piping should be cut off. Payment are immediate once load is checked in and weighed. Pickup or delivery can be arranged.

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